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Week 3 The Three Estates

September 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Students should look at the mark scheme for the work done in exercise books on Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

We’re moving on from the Royal Family to discuss the rest of France, particularly The Estates System. We’ll view the presentation which outlines the position of the Three Estates. Students should write a paragraph, using the sources from pages 105 – 109, on each of the individual Estates; The First, Second and Third Estate.

A helpful website on this topic: The French Revolution wiki.

Year 8 L are to complete paragraphs on the First and Second Estate for homework. Suggested answers are available here.


Week Two

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment


We missed a couple of lessons last week through Speech Day and extended form lessons, but we’re still considering if and why Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were effective rulers of France, or not. In this week’s lessons, we will continue with this theme, as well as look at the position of the rest of the French people. We will then go on to review the position of the Three Estates and consider what the primary concerns of each were. If there is time, we will watch part of a popular TV show, Supersizers, which typifies the meals the French royalty ate prior to the Revolution of 1789. It gives us a quite an insight into the great extravagance and waste of these people. You can view this video clip labelled ‘Royal Meal’ in the Vodpod window.

You might wish to read an online text of this section. (Pages 1 – 3) As it is a pdf file with images, you will have to be patient whist it opens.

Tuesday night’s Homework was to answer the first question on the Homework sheet. (To the right of this blog post.)