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Spring Term: Week 1 – Princes in the Tower

January 6, 2010 Leave a comment

We ended last term with work on the two House of York princes, Edward and Richard. The document we are studying presents the case for and against various men who could have been responsible for the princes’ murder. We shall continue with this exercise, but  first complete some revision on the subject.

David Starkey has produced an excellent series called ‘Monarchy’. This series is available to view on Channel4oD (on demand). The video on the Tudors and Stuarts is the one which we will view. It is from Series 2, Episode 1.

As we will be stopping the video regularly to discuss the answers to the worksheet, it is unlikely that we will complete the thirty minute video during the lesson. Students should complete the viewing, and the worksheet for homework. We will discuss the remainder of the worksheet answers thereafter.

Channel4oD also has an excellent video called ‘1483 – The Princes in the Tower’ which suggests that an older Prince Richard returns to claim the English throne. Watch it if you have some time.