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What we cover this year.

September 8, 2009 Leave a comment

As a guided start, Year 8 students can get a synopsis of what we cover in History this year, from the link on the school website. There are 2 single lessons a week and one homework session. Homework should be written up in your Homework planner, but it is also available from the plannerLIVE link to the right of the blog post. Instructions on how to retrieve the homework will be discussed in class.

All boys should bring their text and exercise books to every lesson. Guidance on what is expected from each student will be discussed in our first lesson. It’s an interesting and informative course and there’ll be plenty of opportunity for boys to demonstrate their skills in a number of areas.

elizabeth 1Marie A

We’ll be starting this term with The French Revolution. In our first lesson, please refer to the resource sheet . I’ll be asking students to respond to some of the questions and we’ll be using the Random Name Picker to choose ‘willing’ volunteers!