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Week 11 – The Reign of Terror

December 2, 2009 Leave a comment

I hope students enjoyed the role play exercise on the Trial of Louis XVI, I think everyone did very well and we all had a few laughs. Some potential stage artists amongst you! The next section we’re going to discuss can get a little tricky and confusing. However, we’ll deal with the main factors which led to Louis’ and Marie Antoinette’s execution and then cover the Reign of Terror. An interesting section to note in this theme is who the Terror affected the most, the Nobles or the the ordinary people of France? You could follow the events on the video vodpod on this site, but I’m also putting up the presentation we discussed in class on this section.

To conclude this section of work, we’ll answer the question, “Was the Terror necessary?” Complete the exercises on pages 132 to 135 from your textbook, Societies in Change. Consider answers for pages 136 and 137 as well. (But do not write up the answers in your exercise books.)

Suggested answers: Was the Terror necessary?