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Week 4 – Cartoon Work

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment


A very important part of studying source material in History is to look at the cartoons of the time. These give a very accurate, if often one-sided point of view, of how people felt about the events of the time. This week we will be spending time looking at several cartoons on the causes of the French Revolution.

The first cartoon is in the Voicethread application. It’s entitled, The People beneath the Former Rule. Follow the link, then read the commentary and the questions we’ll be discussing. (If the text obscures the cartoon, simply close the text box down and click on the ‘play’ option again to restart it.) If you wish, you can open this word document to find the the same cartoon and questions which follow. However, your response must be in Voicethread.

You can add comments to a Voicethread image. Voicethread also lets you doodle on the video at any point if you need to highlight something.  Click on the Voicethread video where it says comment, to share something you’d like to answer or elaborate on. If you choose to leave a comment on Voicethread, use only your first name (but expressly NOT something like ‘Superman’) when you sign up to their site, and choose a picture or cartoon for your image.  Do NOT upload a photo of yourself – rather choose a picture of an animal or similar.

Students will be asked to comment on the next cartoon as a piece of work to be assessed. A word of warning, I will be moderating comments before I allow them to be published. Be mindful of the ICT AUP in this work.

Crushed by Taxation.