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Week 8: Henry VIII Project

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We’ll be spending some time working on a project on Henry VIII. Our first lesson will begin by learning how to find, use and interpret various sources and resources from books, the internet and any other media including visual media. 

We’ll use one of the resources from activehistory.co.uk – please ask if you don’t remember the school’s login details. Once into the site, navigate to Year 8,  Tudors and  Henry VIII. The first task I would like students to complete is the Head2Head interview with Henry VIII. (This is a little further down from the start of the page.)

Once the review of the interview is complete, students should look at this table document on Henry VIII.  It will form the basis of the information which students should use to complete their project.

You might wish to do some extra reading on the topic of Henry’s split from the Catholic Church. I have listed some resources below.

The Tudor Project – Henry VIII

BBC History – Henry VIII Majesty with Menace

Henry VIII 1509 – 1547

Wolsey and the divorce

Thomas Cromwell and the divorce

Church Abuses

The Break with Rome

The final project, mentioned briefly above, will be to produce a report on Henry VIII. You should take a stand and write from a viewpoint either for, or against him and his actions. (Use the table document referenced earlier for sections you might wish to cover.) Your report can be done in MS Publisher as a newspaper, you can produce an animated poster in Glogster (Sign up for a Glogster edu account using your school email only) see an example of Glogster here, another Museum Box series, a series of quizzes from Class Tools, you can try and use Prezi (NOT Powerpoint) Xtranormal, or GoAnimate (or another cartoon strip creator which will create useful summaries) to create an interesting “report”.

This is an opportunity to produce an independent study, so work effectively and don’t waste the time available.

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