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Week 9 – How did Louis behave between 1789 — 1791?

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Louis’ behaviour in the years 1789 — 1791 is crucial in deciding whether or not Louis co-operated with the Assembly’s attempts at reform in France. He had already made several errors.

  • Attempted escape
  • Continued support for the Nobles
  • Seeking military assistance from European monarchs

Ultimately, the people decided to keep Louis as their Constitutional Monarch, but this was not for long. The worsening war situation with Austria led to great distrust for Louis – added to this was the deepening financial problems of France. Finally the mob and the National Guard stormed the King’s palace, the Tuilleries. They did not want a king anymore. The King was then taken prisoner and on September 21st 1792, France was declared a REPUBLIC. It was following this decree that the Revolution entered its most violent phase – the Reign of Terror.Guillotine

A set of notes covering this section is available. We will also be doing a role play exercise on the Trial of King Louis XV1. For this, students need to login to the Active History site, to the right of this blog post. If you can’t remember the login, see Mrs Turner for details.

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